Territorial Development

One of the result of the former pandemic and the "Euramerican Vs Russia" war  is the necessity to reconsider several territorial balances and developments. This means a new balance between optimizing local assets and breaking-off with several relationships.
We have the competencies to support regions or cities in this approach, widening analysis and ways of thinking.


The reaction to the current pandemic seems recalling on site the domestic or local production. Is it a new industrial future or a come-back to an archaic way of doing business?
If you are fond of strawberries, do you prefer to depend on the season or a distant supplier?

Import-substitution is expensive in a short time. We have competencies to contribute to reduce costs on a middle term.

Business Development

Optimizing new businesses does not necessarily mean offshore arrangements and tax havens.
We believe in local outsourcing, new financial tools, new bartering, too. And overall in the capacity of each heart and each brain to understand the others one.
We have the competencies to support your evolution in this way.


In a possible future, virtual will replace reality. Utopia ? Maybe no. Referring last virtual 24hours du Mans or last virtual Transat, the right question is simple: what creates more emotion ?
Thanks to our know-how, we support you to increase the force of your virtual events not only to create emotion but also to give a real financial value