GLOBAL INDUSTRY:                   Westley U.K.
WORLDWIDE TRANSLATIONS:                 Version Traduite

INDUSTRY: Westley U.K.

We work several years with the British group localized in West Midlands, U.K. we share together the same values about right attitudes, ways of considering suppliers and customers, and predominance of technical quality and quality process. We are working successfully with Westley’s subcompanies, too, mainly in Eurasia, Central Asia, Emirates and North Europe.
Core of the activity is heavy metal and polymers industry.

Contact: industry@kolen.hk

Website: http://www.westleygroup.co.uk/

VINSPIRE LTD, for your development in Hong-Kong

Founded by Vinci TAM, VINSPIRE takes in charge companies registrations, maintenance, administration, accounting, tax and compliance, financial advising and all accounting and bureaucratic events during the life of your Hong-Kong company.
Thanks to Vinci, it is possible to answer fast and precise all tax and compliance question told by Government, banks, customers and partners. Vinci knows how to support you to growth secure in Hong-Kong and from Hong-Kong.

Contact: info@vinspire.com.hk   Tel: (852) 3483-2627


Since several years the European company VERSION TRADUITE founded and managed by Denis and Virginie is in charge of all our translations. We know it’s a constant challenge because not only our markets are very specifics (heavy industry, tax & legal, financial, R&D..) but also our territories : Eurasia, Central Asia, in add to classic areas (China and Europe).
About languages we can understand, we always appreciated the mottos of our partners : Quality process, the right words for the right expression, respect of prices and terms.
About “exotic” languages (in an English-Chinese point of view) as Uzbek, Georgian, Azeri, Suomi, Kirghiz, Tadjik…) we appreciated a lot the dual competency: On one hand, translation was “intelligent”, introducing detailed nuances, ways of thinking, and evolution of the language. On the other hand, our vendor always afforded to balance between a simple “business English” and an sensitive local translation, in respect to the local courtesy and way of expressing .

Contact: developpement@version-traduite.com
Website: https://www.version-traduite.com/English