The good advisor must demonstrate how to successfully apply his own advice, isn't?
For this reason, we created three concrete brands, active successfully  on their markets :

> MiliWAM & RoadWAM Tools Machines

Military Wheels

We offer one of the best range of Military wheels with runflating systems, for armoured vehicles from 4x4 to 8x8 and for Multi-axles military trucks.

Thanks to our partnerships in UK, China, Türkiye and France we can offer a range of military wheels designed series by series :
-Hot forged aluminium 2 pieces rims
-3 parts steel rims
-3 segments polymère runflating inserts (not « plastic »)
-CTIS systems

One of our differences is to provide defense manufacturers with our experience and expertise in return and analysis of operations, in maintenance, and in crew training




When Nexter decided in 2019 to fit its antimine drone with the new Michelin Airless concept, armored vehicle manufacturers only showed intellectual interest.

The wheel load was approximately 60 kg.


Three years later, the system became «UPTIS» equips the delivery vans of DHL, Chronopost and others, with a load per wheel of 800 Kg. Goodyear and Continental joined the competition.


Is this the end of the current “tactical wheel”?

Certainly before 2028 for safety vehicles (Landcruisers and similar)

For 4x4 armoured vehicles, it will be very possible to increase the load up to 3 tons per wheel in 2035.


Beyond that, it becomes pure conjecture : Don't forget that in 2014 the doctrine was only 8 tons per axle, compared to 12 tons in 2022



In partnership with the French Company TYRO, and with the competencies of Volvo Group, we created and developped a spécial assemblying system for military wheels, in accordance with ISO 13001 and 45001.

MiliWAM (Military Wheels Assemblying Machine) is available for alu and steel rims, and for rubber and polymer inserts.

We developed several versions in accordance with the needs, from the large plants to the workshops and the Maintenance in container.

We are currently developping a non-military version for trucks, more focused on high productivity, named RoadWAM

LANDSMARINE Systems Innovations at Sea
We are currently working in three markets : Health Boats, Tanks for Rescue Boats and new concepts of "floating & sailing systems".

The Healthy River Boat is a concept for elderly dependant people, and will sail in the US Intracoastal Waterway.

Tanks for rescue boats, especially in Offshore, are a combination of anti-fire, anti-explosion and anti-fuel-flow breaking.
Today we decided to stop the operation because manufacturing these tanks is environmentally harmful.

With our GlobeForYou partners we hope to find the solution.                                                                                                                                       


New Ekranoplane "Odonate" was designed and manufactured by our friends and partners of GlobeForYou, spécialists in obtaining high performances with natural or environnementally correct materials. 

It’s a real concrete and efficient laboratory, and we believe in this concept.


Flying a plane for 100,000 spectators or writing a book for just one customer? Everything is in the hearts, everything is in the heads.

We are specialists in communication between countries, between professions, between ethnic groups... 

It teaches modesty.

As part of a humanist sponsorship action, we created a publishing brand and finalized the first volume of a series of tales about the sea and sailors.

Without Artificial Intelligence....